What is your glitter made of? 
Our glitter is high quality polyester glitter. 
What can I use your glitter for? 
Our glitter is cosmetic grade, designed for Crafts, Nails, Art, Makeup, Bath Bombs, Soap, Slime and anything else that could use a little sparkle. 
Is your glitter cosmetic grade approved?
YES! We only buy cosmetic grade glitter and not craft glitter. Keep in mind - we still recommend using our chunky glitter around your eyes and not on your eye-lids. Feel free to play with it on your body and hair as well!   
How do I remove the glitter?
For an eco-friendly disposal of our glitter, we recommend a piece of recyclable packing tape or a lint roller. You can recycle our glitter since it is PET. It's best if you didn't wash all of the glitters down the drain. Our glitter gels are perfect if want a mess free application. (Glitter won't get all over the floor) The gels are SUPER easy to wipe off with a wet paper towel or makeup removal cloth. Another pro tip, use a mascara wand or brow brush to remove small glittered areas on the face like highlights or freckles into a cup and then dispose the glitter in the trash. *To remove glitter from your hair, you can stand over a trash can and run your fingers through to shake off as much of the glitter as possible before hopping into the shower! We can all be responsible with glitter use, it all starts with you!🦄

Is all your glitter loose Glitter ?
Yes a glitter glue is needed to apply to face 

Do you sell biodegradable glitter ?
No Not At This Time

What Size Containers do you sell ?
5 gram containers & 10 gram containers we also use 5 gram stack containers.